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In addition to being a performer, Ishika is also a freelance writer with experience in journalism, content writing, public relations and poetry. Her work has been published in magazines and newspapers including CalArts 24700, The Clarion, Logos, The Wildcat, Monrovia Weekly, Age of Aquarius, Monrovia Living, Breakthrough, Voyage LA and Patch. At CalArts and Citrus College, she has taken classes in freelance journalism and public relations as well as creative and performance writing.

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Creative Writing & Opinion

*winner, 1st place, Opinion, Citrus Journalism Awards
*winner, 1st place, Magazine Opinion, Journalism Association of Community Colleges/Associated Collegiate Press

*winner, Indian speech competition

*winner, 1st place, Opinion, Citrus Journalism Awards

  • Feature on Rubio: Great lede on this feature article, and I loved the way you framed the assemblywoman’s uniqueness and goals. You also had perspectives from several other people, which I think is always crucial in a profile like this. 

  • Feature on Ritacca: This is a superb profile of an interesting professor. Great job getting a wide range of quotes from others to round out what she’s like. Very good job.

  • Opinion Hollywood diversity: Superb opinion piece here. Sharply written, doesn’t waste time or words in making its point, and is supported with strong evidence and explanations of why the problem exists. It also, crucially, highlights a solution to the identified problem. Very well done.

  • News story pandemic: This is good news writing. A solidly written piece, broad sourcing, some depth about vulnerable populations and concerns about vaccination proof.

 - Jeremy Fugleberg, News Correspondent and Citrus College Journalism Awards Judge

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